Medicare of Texas

Medicare Is Our Federal health Insurance Program given to us by the federal government. Gaps are what ultimately costs us the most money when what the government provides just isn’t enough. 

Medicare in Texas enrollment has exceeded 3 million Residents. This makes up approximately 12% of our Nations Medicare Beneficiaries. Most beneficiaries are seniors who Have reached 65 years of age, a few are younger with certain Qualifying health Issues. The Medicare Program here in Texas is the same as all  other states.

There are 4 Basic parts To Medicare Residents that live here in TX that we can learn about. The 4 parts are Discussed in more detail in the “What is Medicare” Tab above on this Medicare of Texas Website.

In general all Texas Residents will Qualify for Medicare when they reach 65 Years of age or have certain Disabilities that will qualify them at a younger age. For Specific Questions, about eligibility or enrollment dates simply give us a call toll free at 1-888-988-7727.

The 4 Basic Parts are Parts A-D. Medicare Part A (automatically Qualify) is for the in Hospital Expenses. (Funded by federal tax revenues) Medicare Part B (optional) is For the Outpatient Expenses (paid through your social security Income) Medicare Part C a Combined Part A and B by Private Insurance companies (paid by you through your social security Income) Medicare Part D is a Prescription drug Plan. (Automatically Qualify if Eligible for Medicare A and B) Texas Medicare Part A-B Supplement Plans are an Option for seniors to cover the costs of Deductibles, co-payments, and Un-expected Expenses Not covered by parts A, B, or C. Currently, Approximately 20% of Texas Medicare Beneficiaries are enrolled in the Medicare Advantage (Part C).  Generally Advantage plans are less expensive initially, with Co-payments and deductibles usually being part of the Plan. The Number of Advantage Plan Enrollees has been dropping as Advantage Plan Companies have cancelled or revised certain plans or areas of Coverage.  Texas Medicare Supplement plan enrollment has been increasing, especially for Limited or fixed Incomes seniors who dislike deductibles or co-payments, and prefer Un-expected Medical Expenses being covered by supplemental plans.  Make sure you choose the best option for you. Let a Friendly “Medicare of Texas” representative Help Today!